We have met somewhere...

Thank you for being YOU!

We have met. I have met you in Thailand, a strong ambitious woman who wanted to travel, you were doubting, not sure of yourself, but you decided and found the strength to take the next step. Currently, you are in Russia, following your dream.

I have met you in Germany, you, beautiful strong woman, I saw strength and power in you, you were not convinced. Still,  you are following your dreams, you travel and go wherever the wind takes you, where you meet other strong women just like yourself.

I have met you in France, you were in a relationship at that time, not quite satisfied, not really happy. You, with always a smile on your face, you, who sees joy and love in everything. You decided to choose for yourself, you stopped the relationship, knowing exactly your worth, knowing that you, deserved better.

I have met you in Australia, you moved across the world to do exactly what you wanted to do, you fell in love with the country and the people. You knew you deserved that promotion but wasn’t sure how to ask it. You sought advice, found your courage and went for it. You, are still in Australia enjoying your well-earned promotion.

I have met you in the Netherlands, an extroverted woman who loves to laugh and have fun. You, who got so insecure because of a man. You know your worth, you know you are loved and eventually, your head will catch up and believe it as well.

I have met you in Morocco, you didn’t think you were ambitious, you didn’t think that life could be more than what it is. But now, you changed your mind, you are studying again and planning to start your own company.

I have met you in Indonesia, single mom of two beautiful kids, what strength you have and what a mentor and role model you have been for me. 

I have met so many beautiful and strong women not only in my travels but in my life. Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, each and every one of you thought me something, showed me something or have shared their stories with me.

Thank you for being YOU!