Women are the most powerful consumers in the economy

We are the biggest shoppers!

Yes, Ladies, we are a force to be reckoned with. Why you may ask. Well, we women are the most powerful consumers in the economy, globally we control together $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. Did you know that we represent a market bigger than China and India combined? We are even twice as big! Yet, there are still marketers from certain industries that still react in a condescending manner or think that if they make the product pink they cover the female buyer. Wrong, so wrong unless they are looking to target us only, we like pink ;)

91% of women mentioned that they think advertisers don’t understand them. This sounds more or less right. Think of the horrible campaigns they make for our periods or the stereotype advertisement of dinner (where of course the woman is providing food) or any other facial products for that matter (Nobody wakes up like that! We want to see puffy eyes and tired faces, just like the rest of us).

As shoppers, we are quite a big group, as working woman we are getting there. Around 40% of woman globally are represented in the work field. If you think about it, it's actually not that much. Especially when you realize that working women help the economy grow. But as we feel undervalued in the marketplace we also, according to research, feel underestimated in the workplace. Good news though the number of working women is increasing by 2,2% a year!

Conclusion…still a long way for us to go but with a lot of opportunities on our path!