What other people say about Business Woman In Heels?


‘‘Shima taught me that running a business and socializing with your potential clients does not have to be as complex and formal as I always assumed it to be. She taught me to keep my business and my communication close to myself and my personality, in a way that I am comfortable with it.

The sales training gave me good insights and tips on how to run my business in an effective way. As an Art school graduate, I never really learned about the business side of being a creative freelancer. The training provided me with a clear, understandable and insightful information which I can use to improve my business with its sales and communication.

I experienced the training as informal, personal and easy-going, which makes it relatable and easy to understand. A definite recommendation for starters with a lack of "knowhow" how to run their business effectively.’’ - Sam



‘‘I am grateful for having the chance to join a coaching session with Shima and she was a major gem! Shima is such a vibrant, enthusiastic and inspiring person. She patiently listened to my struggles and asked just the right questions to help me draw out my goals and challenges. She saw that I was all over the place and gave me very useful suggestions to help me effectively organize my ideas. I now have a much clearer vision on the areas I need to improve on and what the next steps are to taking my blog to a new level! Sometimes you just need someone else to guide you, keep you aligned and get a second opinion on your business or projects. Shima did just that and I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for some guidance! Thanks again Shima you are the best!’' - Fifa


‘‘If you need any help or accompaniment with selling your services, products, yourself or someone else, call Shima. She can tell you exactly which obstacles and points of attention occur during sales conversations. With practical examples (which are really relatable and full of humour) Shima shows you what works and what doesn’t work, so you know how you can successfully close a sale. I would really recommend her!’’ - Gerlinde


‘‘Everything that has anything to with sales will be treated by this sales training. During the training, she gives personal examples for your business to make the information accessible, which was very helpful. It is a very interactive day with a lot of steps to go through, but Shima is honest, has the best intentions for her clients and gives many practical tips you can use right away. I learned a lot that will help me professionalize my business and I will come back when I need to learn more about sales.‘‘ - Tess


‘‘I joined Business Woman in Heels’s Sales Training and didn’t know what to expect. I went in with an open mind, though a bit hesitant. Sales is important for any entrepreneur, but I never liked it.  Shima made sales much more doable for me. She really knows her stuff. Because we worked in a small group, Shima could go deeper into our questions and she gave us useful tips suitable for our respective businesses. I will definitely follow the steps she shared and recommend her Sales Training’’ - Audrey

’’Sales is so much more than selling! I am grateful that I got to know Shima. She has a very strong personality is sincere and involved. In the coaching and training I followed from here, she makes her 10 years of sales experience more than true; I got more aware of the value and essential role of my network, social selling and the emotional bank account. I am grateful for the ‘business boost’ with which she has inspired me! So if you are looking for somebody who can help you increase your sales in a valuable way, I would definitely recommend her!’’ - Myrte