We all have the same 24 hours, how to get the most out of your day!


Work or Sleep?

Are you wondering how others are working fulltime and have time to set up a side-hustle.? Or are you keen on getting the most out of your day. This is how I do it and you can do it too. Get the most out of your day now!

Part 1 – The hardest part
– My alarm goes off playing one of my favourite songs at the moment. There is no thinking involved here, the moment you turn your brains on you are lost. Thinking leads to convincing yourself that you can stay in bed for just 5 more minutes and that leads to….

So, no thinking, I stand up and drink water first to rehydrate my body, I put on my sports outfit which is strategically placed next to my bed.

6:35 – Start workout, again NO thinking involved. I laid out my yoga mat the evening before and the weights I needed. Depending on the day I either go for a run or follow the workout schedule of BodyBoss (which I highly recommend for beginners).

7:00 – Hit the showers, again no thinking involved, the moment you do, you will think how nice the shower is, how warm it is and before you know it you are standing there for 20 minutes. No! Clean yourself and get out! 5 minutes max!

Now I can already hear you say; “I am really not a morning person, or that is so early”. I get that, trust me I am not a morning person as well and not even coffee can fix my crankiness. But this first part in the morning has nothing to do with you being a morning person or not, it has to do with HABITS! What do I mean? Well, you brush your teeth every day, right? This is a habit that you have learned, whether you are cranky, sad or happy you do it anyway.

Push and motivate yourself to follow either the routine I follow for example or one that fits your schedule for JUST 2 WEEKS. You need only to do this for 2 weeks to turn it into a habit. After 2 weeks, your body will be adjusted to your new routine and even wake you up before your alarm goes off.

Part 2 – Me Time
7:20 – Clean, dressed and ready for breakfast. This is the moment that I allow my brain to start up. I prepare my breakfast and read either a book or listen to the news (if you like to receive a list of recommendations for books, please let me know in the comments below and I will hit you up with a list).

7:45 – 15 minutes to go through my social media accounts. For me, this is mostly my website and Instagram. I prepare my caption for the picture that I will post on IG for that day (I use a preview app to plan my IG feed) and go through some of my favourite websites such as; The Pinksuitcase, Nobodisugly, the Hustle, Blogloving, Forbes and the Financial Times.

Part 3 – Work

8:15: My work day starts and the first thing I do is make a list of things that need to be done that day. And then…well let the work day begin, not one day is the same which I love! I go to meetings, visit clients, do my administrations, have strategy sessions, prepare and so on…
I work until dinner either at the office or at home, when all my main tasks are done I read up on the industry and any other books that can help me improve my skills.

Part 4 – Time to Hustle
Instead of sitting down in front of the TV I start working on my side-hustle which is this website, thinking of the next topics for my blog, preparing the interviews I’m conducting and my vlogs. Now before you think “eager beaver”, not all my evenings look like this as I love to go out for dinner, meet up with my friends or Bing watch my favourite show. However, I have a goal, a plan and a dream and the only way to reach those is if I actually do something and go for it. Balance it and plan your week!

Part 5 – Shut down
My bedtime ritual besides brushing my teeth and cleaning my face includes a short meditation session from Headspace and reading a chapter of a book. No phone! I only use my phone to put classical music on (it helps me fall in sleep). A big part of sleeping well means no social media or any apps when lying in bed, it’s time to turn your brain off and to “cool it down”.

This is just one of my days, as said not all days look the same, but if you are keen on getting the most out of your 24 hours then waking up early is a good start. As well as replacing the “doing nothing time” with “being productive time”, it’s your choice. But when you see people around you having success on Instagram, YouTube or on their website it is because they work hard for it, they plan everything and they are getting the most out of their day!

What is your plan to get the most out of your day?