7 easy ways to boost your self-confidence today!

self confidence.jpg

It’s absolutely not that difficult and you can start today with boosting your self-confidence! It’s time to give yourself love and to work on your self-esteem! I believe in you! Here are 7 ways to boost your confidence!

1. I Feel Pretty
If you look shabby you will feel SHABBY…. And if you look good you feel GOOD. So, put on your favourite outfit, do your hair and rock those heels (I noticed that I feel more confident with my heels on, any other shoes will do though!)

2. Stronger with Music
Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé…they have all made music to empower you! Build your own playlist with music that boost your confidence and that gives you energy! Out of inspiration? Find a list with great music here

3. Be kind
Don’t be so harsh on yourself, we all have off-days and that’s fine. Don’t punish yourself because something did not work out the way you wanted. Accept that some days are great and some not so great.

4. Be your own BFF
Have you noticed that when your BFF has an issue you have great advice for her or him? And when they have a bad day that you are able to give them so much love so that they feel better? Why would you not do the same for yourself? Why is it that you could say that she or he looks good, is amazing, smart, loving…etc., but you can’t do it for yourself? Right? Thus, be your own BFF, give yourself the advice and love you would also give to them!

5. The street is your catwalk
Stand up STRAIGHT and watch your posture! You will show confidence and eventually feel it as well. Treat the street as your catwalk, chin up, shoulders straight, butt out and stroll!!!

6. Work on a positive mindset
I am sharing this with you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE…The more you embrace a positive mindset the easier it gets to be positive. Trust me on this, if you look at things positively, your life will become more positive!

7. Write a letter to yourself
Where do you want to be in 10 years? Who would you like to become? What is your passion or dream? Make a promise to yourself in your letter and then keep that promise! Read that letter as often as you need and keep your promise to your younger self and make your future self...PROUD!