Paradise is not that far away but you have to work hard to get there!

This is my dream picture  - Taken in Indonesia, Bali

This is my dream picture  - Taken in Indonesia, Bali

You see these pictures on Instagram and Facebook with captions such as “I became a millionaire in 6 months, let me show you how” or I travel the world and I get paid for it” or my favorite “It’s this easy to grow your company into 6 figures within a year” and so on…making it sound like there is nothing to it and accessible for everyone… Paradise is not that far away but you have to work hard to get there!

Let's start with a dream...
(and can be reality)

Imagine this… you wake up and open your curtains, the first thing you see is a breathtaking view of the beach and the ocean right there in your backyard! You start with your morning workout outside, after you enjoy your breakfast with this amazing view. You start your workday, running your own company doing the work you are passionate about…You start and end your workday whenever you please…not only are you at this amazing place, you are also doing what you love and not one day feels like work…Sounds good right?

Am I going to burst your bubble? ...A bit... Don’t get fooled by these pictures, captions or posts as it is most likely not true…Some are indeed successful and travelling the world, but not because they followed a sponsored guideline that got them successful or a millionaire within 6 months.

If you are truly eager to live your best life or keen to open your own business or to travel the world while working…I have got some good news for you!!
You CAN, if you...

…Have a long breath
Success is definitely not made overnight, you have to work hard and have a lot of patience. When you are putting in the effort the result will unfortunately not be there the next day. Have you ever been to the gym and thought "tomorrow I will see a huge difference"? Or just started a diet, did you lose those desired kilos/pounds the next day? NO, because we know, in order to reach our goal, we have to work hard for it. And you know what they say “hard works pays off” but not in a day, week or month...

…Work when others are not
Getting to that millionaire status or running a successful company or becoming the CEO of a company…it all takes many hours of work. Whatever is promised to you and whatever your dreams or goals are, you have to work harder than anyone else to reach that destination. This means work, research, personal development and willing to go that extra mile everyone is talking about but not doing. Working when others are drinking, going out or hanging in front of the TV. To become successful, you have to do much more and work much harder.

Imagine this: You are starting with a group to climb a mountain, a third of the group is giving up after 3 hours of climbing, they can’t anymore and don’t have the drive to push themselves further.  Half of the group that is left, gives up halfway with whatever excuse they have. And then there is only a handful of people left, who pushed themselves, who are driven, have put in the hours and worked hard to reach the top. They say it is lonely at the top and not because people don’t want to go there, but because they are not willing or do not want to put in the effort.

…Surround yourself with a tribe that supports and believes in you
One of the reasons you will make it to the top of the mountain is because of the support of your tribe. Yes, you work hard, Yes, you have put in the efforts, Yes, you kept your goal in mind and gave it a 150% or even more. But, having a support team that understands you and are just as ambitious as you can make the climb to the top of the mountain a bit easier and less lonely. As they are screaming and rooting for you while you climb up, when you almost wanted to give up, they are there to remind you what you have accomplished so far, they are there to show you that they believe in you!

…Cut out the Nay Sayers and doom thinkers
This sound very harsh but if you want to succeed and reach your goal, you can’t have people surrounding you that suck your energy out by being negative or the ones that whatever idea you share, they have a way of kicking it into the ground. You know whom I am talking about, it’s exhausting having friends that are only negative and who cannot see the sunshine after the rain or even the beauty in rain…

…motivate yourself every day
Nobody will do it for you and yes, life can be unfair…but, YOU and only YOU can push yourself to success! Why? Because, you are doing it for you, right?!?

And the beauty, my lovely tribe? (I see you as my tribe, as I get so much energy and love from you to push myself and to continue what I am doing!)

The beauty is…when you finally reached that goal or dream…you know it’s because of YOUR hard work, YOUR dedication and YOUR passion! It’s because you decided to go for it! TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Are your ready to do it? To Live your Best Life? Then click here for the next chapter of your life…

I am not promising millions or success within 6 months, I am promising to be that person in your tribe that helps you in the right direction. If you are willing to put the work in it...