Sales hasn’t been on your mind while you were building your career, you focused on knowing what you needed to know to climb that ladder. And yet, you have sold your skills and value during your job interview, you have convinced your future employer that you would be the perfect fit for the job. How come you did not see that as a “Sales”?

“Who knew that sales or selling with be so an important aspect of your job?”

Is this you?

“I deserve promotion, but I don’t know how to ask for it”

“I am ready to take the next step in my career”

“I don’t know how to sell myself in interviews”

“How do I ask for a raise?”

“I want to become a partner, but I don’t sign enough clients”

“I need to know more about sales to help my team grow”

“I need to know more about sales to help my career grow”

Our goal is to help you understand the sales process whether you are going for that raise, promotion or want to bring in new customers. We do this in such a way that is understandable and close to yourself. We don’t want you to change your way of communication, we won’t train you into the sales manager that you dread. The beauty is that we know how to train you in a way to become successful in sales without losing sight of your values.

“Our mission to is to train women to become successful in sales”

Sales coaching

Sales for professional business woman loyalty cards:

Timeline: 1, 3 or 6 hours
Approach: personal or online
Communication: available online and offline

€ 85,- excluding VAT - 1 hour

€ 240,- excluding VAT - 3 hours

€ 490,- excluding VAT - 6 hours

(2019 pricing, installments possible)

As we understand we are working with confidential information, you will receive an Non Disclosure Agreement from us, guaranteeing privacy of your information.