Always wanted to work on your sales skills without cold calling? Reach more potential clients? Knowing how to ask for the right price for the right service? Learning how to sell without feeling like a sleeky sales representative? Then you are at the right place!
Business Woman In Heels Sales Modules are separate modules you can choose to level up your sales game. Each of them are sales related and good for one afternoon of personal training on that specific topic and different level of skill.
Grow your sales skills in one afternoon!


Worth it

Most of the time services and products are worth it and wellfited for your target audience but they still don’t buy. Why? That is the question. In this ‘Worth it’ module we are going to look at what you are currently offering to your customers and if it is KISS proof! Often you write from your own expertise making it difficult for your customer to understand exactly what you offer and the value of working with you. We help you to stand out!


Right price

Trouble pricing your products or services? Want to change your pricing and do you have no idea where to begin? Asking a fair price is a difficult task for a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs. And often we forget that we need to include Margin in order to make profit! That is why we offer the ‘Right pricing’ module to help you understand your own pricing, and being able to ask a the right price to the right customer at the right time. You will never doubt your prices again!


Social selling

Do you also dread cold calling? And wouldn’t you like to create hot leads and build relationship without knocking on doors? Many entrepreneurs dislike or fear selling because they believe they have to pick up the phone and fase objections. Do you believe us if we say you can attract customers in a way that fits you better and without cold calling or cold anything? One afternoon of our ‘Social selling’ module and you know all the in & outs. We teach you how you can use social selling to generate new leads and build a sustainable customer circle.