As a business owner understanding, all the aspects of running a company is crucial. From marketing to content creation to accounting. You have to do it all yourself!

Yet, there is one part of the job that seems to be avoided and dreaded, many business owners seem to either dislike or fear this part. SALES! We can guess why… Those icky, sleazy and pushy tactics that have been used to sell to you over the phone, email or in your DM…

“Without a sales strategy … no customers, no sales and no income”

Contrary to what some are saying, customers will not magically appear at your front door with their wallet open and keen on buying whatever you are selling. Sorry to have burst that bubble…

Some of the objectives we hear and completely understand…

“I have a negative impression of selling”

“I don’t want to push for sales”

“I am not comfortable selling my products/service”

“I feel anxious thinking about sales”

“I am selling but I don’t get new customers”

“I don’t know where to start”

“We all need to learn how to sell in order to succeed and grow our business”

Are your ready to start selling in your own way? Keen to attract new customers and increase your sales?

We will simplify sales for you and teach you how to sell without being icky, anxious, pushy or sleazy. A sales strategy that helps you understand how your company is doing in regard to sales, where to attract new customers and as well as understanding setting up sales targets and processes.

“Our goal is to help you succeed in sales and to become confident in your own expertise & value”


Our method for your Sales Strategy

Our goal is to teach you how to set up your own sales methods and to have a clear process within your company.

We do this in 6 steps

  • Business scan

What do you do, to who do you sell & why? How do you communicate & are your products/services understandable for your target group?

  • Sales performance scan

How do you sell now, how many customers do you have, what is your current vs desired sales target?

  • Sales method

We create a sales method that fits with you and your company

  • Sales process

We set up processes tailored to your needs

  • Sales target

Setting up sales target for the current and upcoming years.

  • Sales strategy guide

A complete guide of the total program we have worked on for your future reference


In a tailored sales strategy program, we will teach you:

…what a sales funnel is & how to use it

…what a sales cycle is

…what a BANT is & how to use it

…how to set the right price for your product/service

…how to attract new customer without cold calling

…how to use social selling

…how to prepare and guide your meetings

…how to optimize your sales cycle

…how to overcome your client’s objectives.

…how to showcase your added value

…how to negotiate

…how you can utilize a return on investment in your negation

…how non-verbal communication can help you close a deal

…& more


Timeline: 3 months
Approach: Personal
Communication: this program is available online and offline
Price: € 5.000 excluding VAT* (2019 pricing, installments possible)

As we understand we are working with confidential information, you will receive an Non Disclosure Agreement from us, guaranteeing privacy of your information.