Sales difficult? No, not at all, however it is an important part of your business. Every company or entrepreneur needs a proper sales strategy, sales funnel, customer cycle, budgeting, and so on.  Business Woman in Heels has more than 10+ years experience in sales and will assist you personally with building your sales strategy step by step. We have set up a 3-month programme with all our experiences and secrets to support your growth!



Your business point zero & objections

The first step is for us to zoom in to your company: why you do it, for who you do it, who are your ideal customers and what products & services you are currently providing.


Services description & pricing

One of the pitfalls or describing your products and services is that you write it from your point of view…which is the expert point of view…understandable for you but not for your potential customers. In step 2 we focus on your what your offer, how you have described it, is it understandable and does the price match the value you provide?


Financial plan & systems

CRM systems, Sales systems, Salesforce…there are plenty systems to map your sales and clients, however, most of them are targeting enterprises. During this step we will find the best system for you. Based on how you work and your preferences we will build a bespoke excel template just for you!



Sales training & lead generation

This is the step where Shima start sharing with you her 12 years of sales experience and the different methodology she has created to successfully attract clients and close deals.

This step is the most intense one as you will receive a lot of information, the key to be successful is to implement the information you received and to stay who you are!


Sales strategy plan 2019 – 2020

We have gone through all the steps and will combine everything in our last step to create your sales strategy for 2019 and 2020.


Let’s meet again!

We would like to meet you again 6 months after the closing of the Sales Strategy program. Not only are we curious how you have been doing and how your sales has been, but we would like to know if you have any questions, any objections you have with clients that we can help with and how you have been rocking it in the last 6 months!


Timeline: 3 months
Approach: Personal
Communication: this program is available online and offline
Price: € 5.000 excluding VAT* (2019 pricing)

As we understand we are working with confidential information, you will receive an NDA from us, guaranteeing privacy of your information.